How many times a day do you find yourself searching through your inbox for a particular email, file or for the sender’s contact information? If you’re like most, it happens too many times to count because this email version of hide-and-seek has long become the norm. But it doesn’t have to be, because managing your contacts, at the very least, should be, well, manageable.

There are a lot of reasons why this contact chaos (cleverly disguised as contact management) has become the status quo, the least of which not being the fact most of us, despite a plethora of collaborative, contact management or CRM options, are actually still using our inbox to manage contacts. As with many things, this is another job email isn’t good at because it’s a job email wasn’t built to do. Until now.

But first, a story…


A Little Bit Of History Repeating

Once upon a time, back in olden days when contact information was still stored on ancient tools called rolodexes, there was salesman in the computer industry who believed there had to be a way to use the products he was selling to make the job of selling them easier. So he did what any salesman (and future two-time entrepreneur of the year) would do–he taught himself to code. When his co-workers saw what he had built, they wanted to use his new “contact manager” to manage their contacts as well.

Okay, in the spirit of full-disclosure and stating the obvious, it probably comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with this blog that the aforementioned computer salesman was none other than Contatta’s own CEO and Co-founder, Pat Sullivan.

Nearly 30-years ago, Pat co-created ACT!, the world’s first (and still best-selling) contact manager. Why? Because no one knows the value of contacts better than a salesman, and for the first 11 years of his career, Pat Sullivan made his living “carrying a bag and a quota.” He originally set out just to make a tool for better organizing his own contacts, but once it became obvious that he had tapped into a universal need, Pat’s personal contact manager quickly became the prototype for what would later become ACT!

In an attempt to do his own job better, Pat had created a new category, a best-selling product and, at the ripe old age of 33, had become the Godfather of CRM.


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hidden

So why is it that we are all still struggling to manage our contacts almost three decades later?

Lots of reasons, but let’s quickly take a look at three of the biggest.

First, products originally designed to better manage contacts became more focused on deals than they were on actually managing customer relationships. Second, new “collaborative” and “social” apps, in an attempt to create better conversations outside of the inbox, failed to also create better ways of tracking those conversations. In fact, if you think searching for information in your inbox can be maddening, just try finding any old information in your chat client. It’s damn near impossible.

Third, as was mentioned earlier, as with many things, when it comes to managing our contacts, our default position is to retreat to the inbox. In the same way that we try to use email to manage tasks, another job it’s not good at, we use email to manage files and contacts. Two other jobs email sucks at, as well.

Bottom line is, you can’t manage what you can’t find.

As was stated earlier, managing contacts isn’t something email was designed to do, much less do well. But what if it was? What if email, the app we spend the most time in, was the only app we had to spend any time in? What if all of your team’s email and collaboration tools were in one place, seamlessly connected, with contacts at the core of everything? And what if your inbox could become a contact manager that actually managed your contacts.


You Say Contact, We Say Contatta

What’s in a name? Contatta is actually Italian for “to make contact,” and whether it’s bringing email and collaboration together, or keeping you connected with the people who are the lifeblood of your company’s success, helping you “make contact” is exactly what every aspect of Contatta is designed to do.

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

—William Shakespeare

First off, contacts are people. Whether you’re talking about customers, prospects, partners or vendors, contacts are not only the “lifeblood of your company’s success,” they’re essential to its survival. Social and collaborative apps that dismiss or ignore both email and contact management, don’t do so at their own peril, they do it at yours.

With Contatta, you can easily find all the relevant information connected to any contact. Need to find a specific email? It’s just a click away. Need to find a task associated with a contact. It’s also just a click away. Better yet, no more foraging through a jungle of old emails in search of a single file or attachment, because with Contatta you can quickly and easily see every file connected to any contact.

Want to add a new contact? Simply highlight their signature information and with a single click you’ve added a new contact. One more click and you can see all their social activity so you can keep up on everything they’re talking about without ever leaving your inbox.

Making contact and staying in contact has never been easier because with Contatta all of your team’s contacts, communication and collaboration are all connected, all in one place.