By “Empty Inbox,” I don’t mean that I don’t do email anymore.  I mean I have NO emails in my Inbox right now.

Empty InboxBy “Empty Inbox,” I don’t mean that I don’t do email anymore.  I mean I have NO emails in my Inbox right now.  None! I have used email ever since the early days of ACT! in the late 1980s and I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have hundreds, if not thousands of emails in my Inbox.  I’ve had to declare Email Bankruptcy more times than I like to admit.

Contatta has changed that. Now, most days I’m able to empty my Inbox pretty easily.  I mean totally.  Nothing! Truth is, I don’t think I’ve really gotten used to it yet.  It is an amazing feeling.  Sitting here looking at an empty Inbox almost makes me feel guilty.  Am I not working?  Did everyone decide to stop sending me emails?  No one likes me anymore?  Nope.  I just don’t get nearly as many emails anymore.  And I don’t send many either.  It’s pretty revolutionary.

Studies show more than 60% of our emails originate inside our company.  At Contatta our use of email has radically changed.  An email virtually NEVER gets forwarded.  No one ever hits Reply All.  We have ended “Reply-All Hell.”  When I want people to see an email I simply share it to a Contatta Workroom.  And I no longer leave emails in my Inbox to remind me to do something later.  I simply click once to create a task from that email.  Then the email is gone from my Inbox.

Email Less. Collaborate More.

Someone asked me if I now just spend as much time reading updates and comments as I did reading email?  Nope.  When I wake up in the morning or get back to my desk after a bunch of meetings I NEVER go to my Inbox.  I simply go to my Activity Feed where everything I am “following” is right there in a summary.  In a few minutes or less I catch up with everything.  A change in a company, contact or deal I am very interested in at the moment?  Any change is right there.  Comments about emails I have shared or tasks I have delegated are right there, as well.  And no more searching through my Inbox trying to find the stuff that is actually important, because now my Inbox automatically sorts out the important emails from unimportant ones for me.  Like emails from my investors, customers and board members.  They are in their own “intelligent” Inboxes.

I have been working on this problem for about 30 years now.  ACT! and SalesLogix were the result of my efforts to make myself more productive and effective.  Contatta is better than both by far.  Why? Because we ALL LIVE in email.  It is the killer application and EVERY businessperson is a power user of email.  We love it and hate it at the same time.  It is a GREAT tool.  But it is also a terrible tool because we try to make it do things it was never designed to do – collaboration, tasks, projects, files and contact management – simply because email is where we live.  It is also very inconvenient to leave email to open another application to do something that originated in email.  These other “essential tasks” should work seamlessly with email if we are going to handle them better.  That is where Contatta excels.  We do email so much better, by doing it less!