Most people dread opening their inbox first thing in the morning. The tsunami of low-priority emails that require responses “right now”, the 50 reply all messages congratulating Barbara on her promotion, or the sales pitches that seem to come in faster than you can delete them. And lost somewhere in all this madness, you have emails from leads, customers and partners that actually require your immediate attention.

All About the BenjaminsIf you’re like most, you spend over 25% of your workweek (about two and a half hours a day!) reading and answering email. And as we mentioned in a previous post (Is CRM Irrelevant?), you waste about 20 minutes a week just hitting the delete button!

Benjamin Franklin’s oft-quoted “time is money,” is, well, right on the money. Traditional inboxes don’t really help you prioritize or properly filter your email. If you’re not spending the majority of those two and a half hours a day replying to the most important important messages—you’re just wasting time and money!

Prioritize Your Inbox with Relationship Buckets

Knowing that traditional inboxes are such a drain on productivity, Contatta set out to conquer the chaos of daily email. Contatta’s intelligent inbox automatically sorts your customers, leads and prospects into relationship buckets so you can easily determine what’s important, what can wait and who you should respond to now. With Contatta, you spend less time sorting and sifting through your email, and more time having purposeful conversations that can have a direct effect on your bottom line.

Imagine how much more you can get done, when you’re able to focus on what’s important. Then check out the video below for a quick look at how Contatta’s relationship buckets will help you do just that.