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Positioning Contatta

In my last post I talked about how the positioning of ACT! came about. We went from describing it by all the things it did, to what it was–the best-selling contact manager. Contatta has been the hardest product I have ever been involved with to correctly position and message. SalesLogix, my second startup was actually… Read More

And is a bad word

Why “And” is a Bad Word

I often get the chance to talk with entrepreneurs. One of the things I always wait to hear is their description of what they do. Most describe their product offering using the word “and” several times. As soon as I hear this, I know they are usually not focused. Their market positioning and messaging is… Read More



At the start of Contatta, one of the things we debated a lot about was whether we had to create our own email client. Personally, I didn’t want to do it, but eventually I was convinced otherwise. Patrick, our Chief Product Officer who had designed the Outlook integration for both SalesLogix and Infusionsoft, was totally… Read More