Contatta, the only collaboration platform that includes email, sponsored a survey of nearly 1,200 Americans to find out exactly how they use email today, what causes them grief, and what they’re doing to ease the pain. The findings may surprise you, because even though most are unhappy with their current email, few are doing anything about it.

Eliminating the Noise:
Why the need for collaboration tools is so great

Email is the most annoying part of work:
44% find email overload to be the most annoying thing about their job and workplace

The “e” in email should stand for error:
Almost 80% reported some sort of email problem, including:

  • 37% – I lost an important email they really needed
  • 36% – I sent an email to the wrong person (blame autocorrect)
  • 32% – I replied to all instead of just replying to the sender
  • 29% – I sent an email with typos and errors
  • 18% – My email inbox is too full to accept new emails

We’re using email wrong:

  • 75% are using email to manage and track to do lists
  • 78% hate getting the flood of reply alls when an all company email is sent
  • 83% have searched through emails for a contact’s phone number or address

Yet despite being annoying, a root for errors galore and using it incorrectly, we’re not even trying to fix email:
74% have not used collaboration software like Basecamp instead of email to communicate and manage projects.


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